Visit Big Moose Lake In New York, The Inspiration For A Place In The Sun

If you’re one of the many New Yorkers that love to go exploring up north in the Adirondack Mountains, you may already be familiar with Big Moose Lake and the scenic small towns that surround its shores. Along the lake, you can find gems like Big Moose Inn – a quirky waterfront restaurant that’s a popular spot to dine at. One thing you may not know about this body of water is that it was actually where a famous murder took place, a tale so eerie it would go on to inspire novels and films. If you’ve yet to hear the tale of Grace Brown, let us tell you all about it.

Did you realize that the old movie A Place In The Sun was inspired by this true-life tale? If you’ve ever watched a film or read a book inspired by a true-life New York event, be sure to share it with us in the comments!