Due to New Mexico’s size, it’s challenging to leave the state for a day trip — unless you live next to the border. However, that’s okay. There are plenty of amazing destinations and historic places in New Mexico just waiting to be discovered. As you search and plan for the best day trips near me in New Mexico, we’ve compiled this list to help. Filled with beautiful areas and unique attractions in New Mexico, don’t be surprised if you want to visit every destination on this list.

So, which day trips near me in New Mexico are you going to visit first?

Your current location will obviously affect how many of these are feasible day trips for you. That’s why we created such a geographically diverse list. However, if the best day trip you’ve ever taken wasn’t featured, nominate it here and tell us all about it!

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Day trips near me in New Mexico

What are some unique attractions in New Mexico?

While there are many enchanting and beautiful sites in the Land of Enchantment, there are also some pretty unique attractions in New Mexico as well. If you are in Las Cruces, check out the giant roadrunner sculpture. This artwork is 20-feet tall and 40-feet long.

Camel Rock in Tesque is quite a fascinating sight. This rock formation looks like a camel resting and it makes for a great picture. Another unique attraction in New Mexico that you’ll want to add to your bucket list is the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa. This swimming hole has some of the bluest water in New Mexico and is one popular destination for scuba diving.

Should I visit the Route 66 Museum in New Mexico?

Yes! While there are some pretty incredible museums scattered around the Land of Enchantment, the Route 66 Museum in New Mexico is one that you do not want to miss. This museum gives you a closer look at the history of New Mexico’s Route 66. While visiting, you will get to enjoy a variety of exhibits including dozens of photos of Route 66 from around the country, gas pumps, signs, classic automobiles, and even an old jukebox. The exhibits may change so you will definitely want to visit often.

If you are in Santa Rosa, make sure to check out the Route 66 Auto Museum. This museum features classic and custom vehicles from throughout the years. You'll want to bring your camera as there are photo booths to help you remember this awesome day trip. Also, don't forget to stop by the snack bar and grab a tasty treat before you head out onto the road once again.

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