9 Downright Delicious Places To Find Stacked Enchiladas In New Mexico

If you have to ask what it is, you either aren’t from New Mexico or you’re a hungry tourist desperately seeking to try this delectable state favorite. Think of a stacked enchilada as a layered Tex-Mex delight. The ingredients are essentially the same as a typical rolled enchilada, except for that it is served flat with meats, cheeses, and other favorite Mexican-style ingredients tucked in between the layers. While most stacked varieties are made with soft tortillas, some use crispy-fried tostado types to add extra crunch. While you can always have your favorite made your way, you’ll want to add the locally-grown and delicious green or red (or both) chile to the mix. And don’t forget about the optional egg! Here are some favorite spots where a stacked enchilada is legendary:

Have you ever tasted stacked enchiladas, and if so, are they now on your short list of favorite Southwestern cuisine? Do you have other great Mexican restaurants in New Mexico to add to this list? We’d love to hear about your favorite restaurant to enjoy this beloved entrée. For another New Mexican food favorite, try this little stop on New Mexico’s Route 66.