25 Rare Photos Taken In New Mexico During The Great Depression

The entire nation suffered during the Great Depression that followed in the wake of the 1929 Stock Market Crash. But each part of the country was affected in different ways. In New Mexico, farmers were the hardest hit. The economic crisis combined with a long drought that actually turned New Mexico into part of the Dust Bowl. A 1937 dust storm was so massive that it stretched a mile wide and 1500 feet high. And it wasn’t just farmers who were affected. During the 1920s, New Mexico was already one of the poorest states and the crash only made a bad situation worse, especially in rural areas. The New Deal projects helped many return to work. However, the 1930s were a tough decade for most New Mexicans. The following 25 historic photos of New Mexico give you a hint at life during those years:

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Historic Photos Of New Mexico

October 23, 2020

Where can I find more of the best photos of New Mexico?

If you enjoyed these old photos of New Mexico, we have more where that came from. Here are 15 of the oldest photos taken in the state, ranging from as early as 1873 and into the very first decade of the 1900s. They depict everything from natural scenery to the residents of New Mexico in the yesteryear. Go a little further in time to the state from 50 years ago in the 1970s. These photographs are blasts from the past, yet some of them are still recognizable in today's society. There are some interesting space mission training photos in there, as well.

How has New Mexico changed over the years?

There is a lot that has changed that you can see when looking back on New Mexico's history. Although New Mexico has some of the oldest settlements that can still be seen today - some still lived in, like the Taos Pueblo, and some in ruins - there is a lot of new developments. Albuquerque is ever-growing and expanding. You can still visit its historic areas, but so much of it is modern and full of today's amenities. Luckily, a lot of the state's historic spots are preserved, as well as its natural areas. New Mexico, as of 2020, has the newest national park in the United States. The famous White Sands became a national monument so they can be enjoyed by visitors for years to come.

What are the oldest attractions in New Mexico?

While the Great Depression in New Mexico gave the state - and the entire country - a hard blow, you can still visit some of the oldest places in the state that survived the hardships. They've lasted for decades, some even for centuries. One of the oldest places you can visit in New Mexico is the oldest church in the country, the San Miguel Mission. Located in Santa Fe, this place was originally built in 1610. It was rebuilt in 1710, but that means it's still been around for three hundred years and predates the United States by over half a century. You can still visit it yourself.