Richardson Trading Post, Located In New Mexico On Route 66, Is Older Than The Highway Itself

It’s no secret that if you’re looking for the ultimate way to become acquainted with any city or town, stroll down its main street. Here, you’ll almost always find the perfect combination of history, visual treats, and quirky tidbits. In Gallup, Historic Highway 66 (more commonly known as Route 66) has served as the city’s main drag for decades.

It is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is closed on Sundays.

Address: 222 W Historic Highway 66, Gallup, NM 87301
Phone: 505-722-4762

While you’re in the area, don’t forget to grab a seat and meal over at Earl’s Family Restaurant. Located a little over a mile east of the trading post, Earl’s is home to spectacularly delicious New Mexican-style cuisine. Read more in The Down Home Diner In New Mexico Has Some Of The Best Comfort Food In The Southwest.

Address: W Historic Hwy 66, Gallup, NM 87301, USA