20 Things People Miss Most About New Mexico When They Leave

There’s no place exactly like New Mexico and, if you’ve ever had to leave for any length of time, chances are you’ve missed home. While most of the things on this list can be found in other states, it’s the combination of all these factors that makes our state unique. Here are 20 things people miss about New Mexico when they leave:

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

What do you miss about New Mexico when you leave? Have you ever lived anywhere else? If you are from the Land of Enchantment, here are 14 things people do in New Mexico that are so relatable.

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Things People Miss About New Mexico

January 01, 2021

What are the best things about living in New Mexico?

There are many things you could say when listing off the best things about New Mexico. This state is full of beauty in many ways. The culture and history are rich and alive. You can check out festivals, explore historic sites, and so much more. New Mexico is also a great and unique food scene. The cuisine is one-of-a-kind, with tons of fantastic restaurants serving it in their own ways. Plus, the chile is the best in the world. If you love nature, the Land of Enchantment is also a wonderful place to be. With everything from deserts to mountaintops, you can find a bit of everything here.

What stereotypes are there about New Mexico?

If you are moving away from New Mexico and heading to a different place, you might get asked a few silly questions from your new neighbors that stem from stereotypes. You might get asked what you think about the United States now that you’re in it – some people think New Mexico isn’t actually part of the 50 states. Other people might question if you’ve seen any UFOs or had any other kind of extra-terrestrial encounter. Even if they may seem a bit far-fetched, these stereotypes are usually meant in good fun.

Where is the best place to live in New Mexico?

If you plan on living in New Mexico instead of leaving it, there are many wonderful places to live. Corrales is considered one of the best for its safety and schools. If you like a small town vibe, Mesilla, New Mexico is a great choice. It has historic charm, picturesque scenes, and great livability scores that factor in multiple statistics. Looking for a spot to retire? Las Cruces is considered one of the best towns for that. The nice weather, convenient nearby amenities, and a low cost of living are all reasons it’s been named as such.

Address: New Mexico, USA