Most People Don’t Know The Meaning Behind These 16 New Mexico Towns

New Mexico is full of little towns, and even some big ones, with names that will make you stop and look twice… and then wonder, “WHAT were they thinking?” Many of the town names in New Mexico come from Spanish and Native American words, family names, land features, and a few misspellings. So while these names often make sense, in the end, you always have to wonder what, exactly, got lost in translation. Here are 17 of the more unusual New Mexico town names and the stories behind them.

There are plenty of towns in the state with crazy names and, of course, we can’t list them all here. But if you have some funny names to add to the list – and better yet, the story behind them, we would love to hear about them in the comments below!

Note: Much of the source material for this post came from The Place Names of New Mexico, by Robert Julyan.