Take A Glimpse Into The Past At This Charming Art House In New Mexico

The film industry is a big part of New Mexican culture. More than a hundred movies have been shot in the Land of Enchantment, and many more are to come. This charming art house in Santa Fe gives an ode to all the film industry has brought us, and what’s still to come. The intimate theater closed for some time, but a well-known novelist and film lover took over, renovated, and made the cinema what it is today. This old school art house is so much more than just a movie theater with a bar, coffee shop, and even a bookstore. Let’s take a look inside, learn the history behind this quaint Santa Fe building, and see a glimpse of old time art houses.

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For a true glimpse into the Land of Enchantment’s past, you must visit the oldest house in the country right here in old Santa Fe.