Tucked away in a scenic side canyon in Southwestern New Mexico are some beautiful cliff dwellings from naturally formed caves on the Gila River. To say they are located off the beaten path is an understatement; there’s no quick way to get to them or any convenient lodging nearby. But these almost hidden ruins provide a well-preserved peek into what was life for like for nomadic tribes from around the 1200s. Here’s more about the Gila Cliff Dwellings located in Magdalena:

Don’t plan to visit if you are in a hurry, however. It will take about two hours to drive from Silver City, New Mexico, taking State Hwy. 15 North to the park’s entrance. The drive is a mountain pass, and there is no shortcut or fast way there. Speed limits range from 20 to 40 miles per hour through most parts. There are some scenic overlooks to enjoy while making the drive. Because of its remoteness, limited hours of operation (no hikes can be started after 4 p.m.), and little lodging, the ruins are considered a hidden secret from much of the public, and those who do make the trek like it that way!

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