These 10 Counties Have The Healthiest People In All Of New Mexico

According to America’s Health Rankings, New Mexico is the 37th healthiest state in the nation. So there’s room for some improvement. That being said, we have low levels of air pollution, low numbers of excessive drinkers, and a low rate of cancer deaths. Since 1990, the rate of cardiovascular deaths has also dropped significantly. But which places in New Mexico are the healthiest?

We’ve used data gathered by County Health Rankings and Roadmaps to find out. These statistics factor in things like health behaviors, clinical care, and the physical environment, along with social and economic factors. They assess length of life and how healthy people feel.

So, here are the 10 healthiest counties in New Mexico.

What’s your opinion of these rankings? Any surprises?

*Harding County’s data was incomplete, so it couldn’t be included in the rankings. An unofficial scan of the stats for this county suggests it would fall somewhere in the middle of the pack.