We all know New Mexico has sensational scenery, but this aerial footage of New Mexico displays the beauty of our state in a whole new way.

This dazzling video was shot by Flightgeist, a production company with a focus on travel, using a DJI Inspire 1 Pro X5 in 4K.

The locations showcased in the clip include the surreal, twisted rock formations of Bisti Badlands, and the Santa Fe National Forest clouded with mist. The Rio Grande Gorge, Shiprock, the area around Gallup, and more, are featured as well.

The footage highlights the untouched expanses of New Mexico in a manner that truly captures the scale of these vast landscapes.

So, take a break to enjoy this aerial video. It certainly makes you grateful for the wonders of New Mexico.

Thanks to Flightgeist for giving us such a unique perspective on the state.

If you or someone you know has similar footage, please share it with us on the Only In New Mexico Facebook Page. We’d especially love to see aerial footage of New Mexico that concentrates on parts of the state that aren’t covered in this particular video.

Here is another great video of New Mexico for you to check out, except it’s a time-lapse showing some of the landscapes of the state.

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Aerial Footage Of New Mexico

What is the most beautiful aerial footage of New Mexico?

If you like this drone video of New Mexico, then you'll love these other aerial videos shot in the Land of Enchantment. We've shared a few other fantastic drone videos, such as this 4k video showcasing the beautiful New Mexico scenery. It'll take you on a journey through the high plains to the deep gorges. You might also like this impressive time-lapse video of New Mexico. Watch the clouds roll over some of the state's most iconic views and more secluded places, giving a glimpse into many different corners of NM.

Where should I go to take photos of New Mexico?

The enchanting landscape of New Mexico is a photographer's paradise. Places like the Rio Grande Gorge look spectacular through the lens year-round, whether it's lush and green or showing off its colorful rocks. Shiprock, a massive rocky mountain coming up from seemingly nowhere, is a popular photo subject. Though the formation is no longer climbable to protect this sacred area, you can definitely take some awesome photos of it that'll wow friends and family. Along with that, there are great historic spots with cliff dwellings and pueblos that make for some interesting subjects, such as the ones in Taos or Jemez.

What are the most beautiful places in New Mexico?

There is no shortage of beauty in New Mexico scenery. From dynamic, deep canyons to caverns that'll seemingly transport you to another world, you'll have no trouble discovering gorgeous spots of nature. A great examples is the Bitsi Badlands, colorful and unique geological formations that mystify visitors. Sandia Peak, overlooking Albuquerque, is magnificent and perfect for hiking or even taking a sky tram to get the most breathtaking view from the top. No matter where you go in New Mexico, you can expect some lovely views.

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