People Drive From All Over New Mexico To Try The Blue Corn Pancakes At The Plaza Café

There’s one café in New Mexico that locals turn to for some of the best New Mexican flavors year after year (for 75 years!), and that is the Plaza Café located in downtown Santa Fe. The restaurant is so popular, in fact, that it opened up a second location in the city.  Why do folks keep coming back for more? Well, that’s easy! Guests marvel at the southwestern-style blue corn pancakes. It doesn’t get better than this! If you’re in the mood for something both savory and sweet, then head to the Plaza Café Downtown.

Look for the Plaza Café on Lincoln Avenue in Santa Fe for a taste of these delicious Blue Corn Piñon Pancakes. Click here to customize the map below.

So, come for the fun southwestern hospitality and stay for some of the best pancakes you’ve ever tasted. You’re sure not to be disappointed at the Plaza Café, where they’ve been getting it right for so long, you just can’t go wrong.

To learn more about this special Santa Fe eatery, visit the Plaza Cafe’s website here.

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Address: 54 Lincoln Ave, Santa Fe, NM 87501, USA