This Little Stop On New Mexico’s Route 66 Serves One Of The Best Burgers You Will Ever Sink Your Teeth Into

It’s considered the king of green chile cheeseburgers, and visitors and locals alike laud the tasty combination of a burger with a kick as the best in the country. Since its opening a decade ago, this burger joint that originated in Laguna, New Mexico, has attracted fans worldwide. Here’s why you must sink your teeth into this delectable, and very New Mexican, combination!

Have you ever had had a Laguna Burger, and if so, which location did you taste this heavenly delight? Do you agree that green chile provides the perfect punch and makes a typical style bland by comparison?

Green chile burgers aren’t the only thing you’ll miss if you are no longer in New Mexico. Here are 10 foods every New Mexican (or former tourist) craves after they leave the Land of Enchantment.