These 8 Crumbling Abandoned Bridges In New Mexico Will Transport You To The Past

Nowadays, most of us don’t give too much thought to bridges unless we’re crossing a particularly high one. But these structures were key to civilization – without them, long distance travel wouldn’t have been easy or perhaps even possible. Bridge design, which initially involved using wooden logs to span short distances, has continued to evolve until these structures became true architectural marvels. Here are 8 old bridges in New Mexico that showcase changing engineering techniques. Plus, they’re pretty cool to look at!

Do you have a soft spot for abandoned structures?

Of course, New Mexico has plenty of bridges that are still in use. The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, in particular, deserves a spot on everyone’s bucket list. But, the next time you spy an old crumbling bridge from your car window, pull over for a moment to admire the incredible progression of these structures throughout time, and to think about all the feats they’ve made possible.