Most People Have No Idea How World War I Actually Ended In New Jersey

This tidbit of trivia is one that often escapes even the biggest history buffs. The majority of Americans (understandably) believe that World War I ended with the signing of the Treaty of Verssailes in 1919, but that isn’t exactly the case.

You’ll find the plaque between P.C. Richards and Burger King, right near the entrance to the Somerville Circle Shopping Center. The day after the resolution was signed, the New York Times proclaimed, “War with Germany ended as it began, by Congressional declaration and Executive signature on American soil.” See a snip of that article here and check out these articles for more New Jersey history: Most People Don’t Know How These 21 Towns In New Jersey Got Their Start, Not Many People Know That New Jersey Was Almost Changed Forever In 1980 and There’s Something Incredibly Unique About This New Jersey Restaurant…And You’ll Want To Visit.