14 Life Lessons Everyone Learns Growing Up In New Jersey

Growing up in New Jersey, there are some things you catch onto pretty quickly. We’re lucky to learn some valuable life lessons at a young age. Life in our state isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it, and this list will hopefully give you some laughs. If you’ve spent your life growing up in New Jersey, chances are you can relate to a few – if not all – of these life lessons.

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While this isn’t meant to be taken seriously, much of it is true in its own way. Did you get a kick out of this list? Which can you most relate to? What else would you add about growing up in New Jersey?

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growing up in New Jersey

April 03, 2021

What is New Jersey known for?

New Jersey’s state legislature passed a bill to add “The Garden State” to our license plates and we’ve been known as such ever since. The Garden State is one of the top producers of cranberries, blueberries, bell peppers, peaches, cucumbers, and tomatoes in the nation. Evidence of this massive vegetable production can be found in the many roadside farm stands found between our borders. These charming, family-run stands dot the Garden State’s landscape selling seasonal goods from all regions of the state. Over 140 community farmers markets are located in New Jersey and natural food lovers find no shortage of organic produce to stock their kitchens.

What are the best things about living in New Jersey?

New Jersey’s terrain boasts an impressive range of landscapes for its size, from stunning seashores to majestic mountains and valleys where nature lovers find an exciting abundance of outdoor activities and recreational areas to explore. With hundreds of miles of beautiful nature trails meandering across our state, hiking, biking, and camping excursions are never hard to find. In addition to our remarkable natural beauty, New Jersey is home to some of the most charming small towns in the nation. Nearly 400 municipalities in our state have populations under 15,000 and of those 190 have less than 5,000 residents.

What stereotypes are there about New Jersey?

Residents of New Jersey have been stereotyped as being pizza-obsessed, and it’s a fair accusation. With 17 percent of our residents (roughly 1.5 million people) hailing from the old country, the influence of New Jersey’s Italian heritage is reflected in many of our most beloved cuisines. Our obsession with this divine dish dates back to 1912 when pizza made its first appearance in Trenton. Originally known as the “tomato pie” pizza has evolved over the years with distinct ties to Garden State kitchens. These days, over 2,000 pizzerias can be found serving up hot, melty slices in every corner of our state.

Address: New Jersey, USA