10 Things People Miss The Most About New Jersey When They Leave

New Jersey is amazing, why would anyone ever want to leave? I guess the cost of living in NJ can be high… And sure, sometimes we just need to move for whatever reason. Still, we’ll miss our state. What’s there to miss? Plenty!

What do you think you’d miss most about living in NJ? If you’ve already left the state, are you still longing for home? We may not be perfect, but we’ve got spunk, diversity, arts, culture, fine cuisine, and tons of natural beauty!

Address: New Jersey, USA
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September 05, 2020

What are the most popular foods in New Jersey?

New Jersey natives take their food seriously – just ask someone what they think about pork roll vs Taylor ham! We’re also picky about bagels and pizza, and will eat scrapple as long as you don’t ask us to explain exactly what it is.

What are the best small towns in New Jersey?

Haddonfield and Clinton are always at the top of the “best small towns” lists! Moorestown, Mt. Holly, Montclaire, Princeton, and Spring Lake are also worth a visit to experience charm, history, and accommodating locals all in one spot.

What are the most beautiful places in New Jersey?

Nature lovers fall for the Delaware Water Gap area and the New Jersey Highlands. If you’re a beach person, you might find the sandy stretches of Sea Isle City or Island Beach State Park to be the most beautiful. In between the mountains and the shore, rolling farmlands blend with suburbia to create scenery unique to the Garden State.

Address: New Jersey, USA