See New Jersey’s State Parks Like Never Before Through These Beautiful Drone Videos From The DEP

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to see the most beautiful┬ástate parks in New Jersey from a bird’s eye view? No need to hop on a plane, high tech drones let us enjoy New Jersey from above. Lucky for us nature lovers, you can find quality drone footage of many Garden State Parks on the NJDEP YouTube page. Below are a few of the many worth exploring, including some of our favorite state parks to visit in New Jersey.

There are so many videos to enjoy, that it’s likely you’ll find footage of your favorite New Jersey state park. They feature Round Valley Recreation Area, Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, Stokes State Forest, Fort Mott State Park, and others. All photos above are from the videos below by Discover DEP-New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Videos are mostly between 1-3 minutes, set to music, and often include fun and historic facts about the parks.

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state parks to visit in New Jersey

June 30, 2022

What are the best state parks to visit in New Jersey for history lovers?

New Jersey has a ton of parks that showcase our state’s history. Some of the best include our battlefields – Monmouth Battlefield and Princeton Battlefield, particularly. Each showcases a bit of history that helped shape our nation. Some other fun historic state parks in New Jersey include Allaire State Park and Village, Jockey Hollow State Park, and Double Trouble State Park. Batsto Village, in the heart of the New Jersey pinelands, belongs on every New Jersey history buff’s bucket list, too!

Which easy hiking trails in New Jersey have the best views?

Some of the best views in New Jersey can be found without much effort! Hiking to the summit of Baldpate Mountain in Pennington is a decent workout but fairly easy for kids and adults, and you can even drive to just below the summit to make the hike even easier. Another simple trek with a beautiful view is the hike to Goat Hill Overlook, which is also near Baldpate Mountain. Other simple hikes with beautiful payoffs include the trails along Island Beach State Park, Blueberry Hill in Gibbsboro, and Crystal Lake Park in Bordentown.

What are some things to do outside in New Jersey for families?

New Jersey offers so much to do in the great outdoors. With plenty of rivers and canals for kayaking, a long coast for boating and ocean recreation, miles of hiking trails, and dozens of state parks, there’s truly something for everyone to enjoy. Take a peek at some of our favorite state parks to visit in New Jersey for inspiration.