Talk about Halloween gone wrong! The War of the Worlds broadcast caused panic nationwide as the radio reported on a Martian invasion in New Jersey. Grover’s Mill, New Jersey, is the location of the famous martian landing site. You likely wouldn’t know this just by visiting this small New Jersey town, as it’s as charming as it is quaint. However, anyone who knows about the War of the Worlds landing site knows that Grover’s Mill is home to this incredible martian landing site in NJ.

You can listen to the War of the Worlds broadcast on YouTube if you’re interested in hearing what caused all of the hysteria. Plus, you can always check out this New Jersey martian landing site and see for yourself what makes this town so special!

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Martian Landing Site

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While the famous martian landing site in New Jersey isn’t much of an urban legend, it’s still a story that is worth being told.

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