11 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Grew Up Near The Jersey Shore

Growing up in New Jersey shapes you, has a lasting effect that’s hard to deny. You were likely raised on terrifying tales of the Jersey Devil, spent many a night at a diner, and have some serious bagel bias. These are a few things that ring true for most New Jerseyans but your exact location in the Garden State also has an impact. Life in rural Sussex County, for example, is very different from life in bustling Hudson County and the charming riverfront town of Lambertville is a stark contrast to the major riverfront city of Camden. From the Skylands to the Gateway Region, every area of our state offers something special. But there may be something extra special about growing up near the Jersey Shore. A place like no other, here are 11 things that you will only understand if you grew up near the beach.

Were you lucky enough to grow up along the Jersey Shore? What would you add to this list? If you didn’t grow up by the beach but were raised in the Garden State, this list of New Jersey life lessons should ring true for you.