You’ll Find Hundreds Of Treasures At This 4-Story Antique Shop In New Jersey

There are so many incredible antique shops in New Jersey and most are worth a drive. They vary in size and selection, but each holds countless treasures within its walls. I have a special place in my heart for antiques, as every item tells a story…is a part of history. There’s really not a single Garden State store that I don’t appreciate, but some stand out as extra special. Here’s one…

These photos only paint a small portion of the picture. See why designers, celebrities and locals all flock to this incredible antique mall in the short video below. You really get a scope of the selection.

The People’s Store Antiques center is located in the heart of Lambertville at 28. N. Union Street. The town is known for its antiques, so why not make a day trip out of it and hop from shop to shop? To discover some of the best towns for antiquing in New Jersey, click here.