Be On The Lookout, A New Type Of Tick Has Been Spotted In New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the world’s hubs for travel, with countless visitors coming in and out every year, and not all of them are human. Invasive species are common in the Garden State, and wildlife authorities are always on the lookout for potentially harmful species. Many are harmless, like the camel cricket. However, some invasive species can bring with them diseases or danger for other species. When an invasive species is deemed to be harmful, authorities work to contain the population. That’s why when word first got out of the Asian Longhorned Tick in New Jersey, authorities sprang into action. Here’s everything you need to know about this new species of tick that has made its way into our borders, and whether it’s a threat to people or animals.

Are you keeping an eye out for the Asian Longhorned Tick in New Jersey? Let us know if you’ve spotted this new invasive species, and what other unusual animals you might have seen around the state in the comments section. If you want to know more about federal guidance on this invasive species of tick, you can check the official government website. For a more controlled way to meet some unexpected New Jersey residents, check out this unique animal sanctuary.

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