7 Wonders Of The World That Are Actually Right Here In New Jersey

It was almost impossible to make this list because New Jersey is filled with so many natural and man-made wonders. I didn’t even realize just how many there were until I started writing them all down. How do you choose favorites when every option is amazing? I did my best! Here are 7 that I highly recommend everyone visit.

I could easily have made this list 700 wonders, but I wanted to feature 7 amazing locations throughout our state. Each magnificent in its own way, I doubt any will disappoint. Other strong contenders included Sunfish Pond, the New Jersey State House, Manasquan Reservior,  High Point Monument, the Palisades Cliffs, the Navesink Twin Lights and the wreck of the SS Atlantus off the coast of Cape May. What would you include in  your 7 must-see wonders of New Jersey? For more natural wonders, check out The 14 Most Incredible Natural Wonders In New Jersey.