There’s no better way to enjoy some fresh air than by heading off on a fun hike. This state is great for exploring; whether it’s the woods, the coast, or even an abandoned zoo in NH. While it’s certainly creepy, we also think it’s pretty lovely for hiking in NH!

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If parks are your thing, be sure to check out these under-appreciated state parks in New Hampshire. And for more fun things to do in New Hampshire, take a look at the always exciting AirBnB Experiences.

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Haunted New Hampshire

What are the creepiest towns in New Hampshire?

There are plenty of creepy towns in New Hampshire. Here a just a few:

  • Livermore: Located within the White Mountains National Forest, this town was popular for logging in the late part of the 19th century, but due to the harsh life of living in this area of New Hampshire, it was abandoned by the mid-1940s. But did some of those loggers stay there?
  • Monson Center: This area in Hillsborough County goes all the way to the 1700s. Although empty by the 1770s, you can still find ruins within the woods. And hopefully, that is all you’ll find.


Are there any urban legends in New Hampshire?

If you are looking to learn about some spooky tales, there are quite a few urban legends in New Hampshire

  • Smuttynose Murders: Back in 1873, two women were murdered in Smuttynose. A German fisherman was convicted of the crime and hung two years later, but it is widely believed that he was not the culprit.
  • America’s Stonehenge: This oddity is located in Salem. It was built over 4,000 years ago and consists of monoliths, chambers, and rock walls that mark important dates and are associated with the astronomical calendar. Its actual origins remain in speculation.


Are there any haunted hotels in New Hampshire?

If you want to take your spooky explorations up a notch, consider staying the night in a haunted hotel in New Hampshire:

  • Christmas Farm Inn & Spa: This hotel is located in Jackson and contains some buildings that go back to the 1770s. It is considered to be so haunted that it even made an episode of Ghost Hunters.
  • The Tilton Inn: This structure was built in 1875 and since then, has seen many well-known guests, such as Henry Ford. It’s also burned down three times, which might be an indication of just who is haunting the premises.
  • Three Chimney’s Inn: Located in Durham, this building goes all the way back to 1649, making it one of the oldest in all of the state. It is widely believed that it is also very haunted, namely by the daughter of its original owner.
  • The Windham Restaurant: Grab a surf and turf with a side of hauntings at this American restaurant. It was originally a home when it was built in 1812 and today there are reports of table settings moving and money disappearing.