The Hauntingly Beautiful Chester Village Cemetery In New Hampshire Has A Fascinating History

When is the last time you visited a cemetery unlike any other? Once you get a closer look at the gravestones here at Chester Village Cemetery, you’ll see that these are uniquely carved and hauntingly beautiful. There’s something eerie and unique about this location, but are you brave enough to see for yourself? If you like mildly spooky scenarios, add this cemetery to your bucket list for a future visit.

OnlyInYourState does not condone trespassing, vandalism, or loitering. Please make sure you have any necessary permissions to be somewhere before you visit a property like this.

Chester, New Hampshire doesn’t have a dedicated website for this cemetery, but we ask that all visitors please respect the property. For more information about the town’s history, check out the Chester Historical Society website.

Address: Village Cemetery, 19 Raymond Rd, Chester, NH 03036, USA