The Most Delicious Bakery Is Hiding Inside This Unsuspecting New Hampshire Gas Station

Sure, there are plenty of places to get delicious treats across the state of New Hampshire. But isn’t everything a little better when it feels like a secret? The next time you’re driving through the state, keep your eyes peeled for our favorite place to stop for a rest. You can eat, you can fuel up and you can take a break to eat all the delicious treats you’ll find here.

The Common Man Roadside is easily accessible to those going south or going north. Common Man Roadside North can be found at 530 West River Rd., Hooksett. Common Man Roadside South can be found at 25 Springer Rd., Hooksett. To learn more about it, click here. And, check them out on Facebook.

You know what else we love? This old-time Polish bakery. It’s the last of its kind and it’s full of love and treats!