The Most Incredible Rum Cake Is Made Right Here In New Hampshire

The best part of any meal is definitely dessert. In fact, most of the time we prefer to either order dessert first or skip the entire meal and just get dessert. The reality is that you never know what could happen and you certainly don’t want risk eating a meal that doesn’t end in dessert! Especially when that dessert could be this one!

You can get your own Black Cat Rum Cake at:

  • Cava de Vino, 14 Canal St., Nashua
  • Bonhoeffer’s Cafe, 8 Franklin St., Nashua


Or, if you happen to be just a bit further south you can make your way to Wild Willy’s Burgers at 46 Arsenal St., Watertown, Massachusetts to stock up.

Click here to learn more about the history of this wonderful homegrown bakery. Or, check them out on Facebook. You can give them a call at 888-261-0307 to find out more or order directly.

In addition to rum cake, we really love cheesecake. Lucky for us one of the best is also made right here in the Granite State. Check it out!