6 Amazing Flea Markets In New Hampshire You Absolutely Have To Visit

Whether you’re looking for antique furniture, a great deal on vintage jewelry, or just browsing for quirky finds, New Hampshire is a flea market lover’s dream come true. With so many families living in New Hampshire for generations, there are plenty of attics full of unexpected treasures, and you never know when someone will decide to clean house and sell that item you didn’t even know you needed – and not paying any sales taxes on your haul definitely sweetens the deal! Listed below are some of the best flea markets in New Hampshire that you’ll want to make sure to visit. Just remember to check first to see if they’re open; prime flea market season in New Hampshire is mid-April through mid-October, so make sure to check the websites for the most up-to-date hours.

What do you think? Did your picks for the best flea markets in New Hampshire make the list? Did we leave any out? Hit the road and get ready to take home your newest treasure, but before that, make sure to tell us your favorite markets in the comments!

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Best Flea Markets In New Hampshire

June 08, 2021

What are some of the best bargain shops in New Hampshire?

Believe it or not, New Hampshire is a bargain hunter’s paradise, offering up countless thrift and bargain shops all over the state. You could even make a road trip out of it if you wanted to! Some favorites include shopping spots such as:

  • Lucky Dog Thrift Shop in Nashua, which holds the honor of being among the highest-rated thrift shops in the entire state
  • OutFITters Thrift Store in Manchester, which is just as fun as it sounds
  • You honestly still can’t go wrong with the classics, like Goodwill, which had several locations around New Hampshire for your browsing convenience. 


Where can I find vintage shops in New Hampshire?

With a hefty thrift and bargain community often comes a vintage-shop community, too, and New Hampshire is no stranger to them. If you know where to look, you’ll find all sorts of vintage shops to browse and fall in love with.

  • Check out the old-school wares at Cash Only Vintage in Littleton
  • Cotillion Bureau in beautiful Portsmouth
  • Unitary in Milford (which happens to be a local favorite) 
  • Decades: Treasures Past and Present, also in Portsmouth
  • Lilise Designer Resale offers up some incredible deals on higher-end vintage goodies

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What kinds of unique shops in New Hampshire can I find? 

Did you know New Hampshire is one of the best states in the US for boutique shopping and unique little places you’ll never find anywhere else? It’s true! You can find awesomely one-of-a-kind shops in almost every town and city. Some of the most popular boutique shops you’ll find anywhere are gems such as:

  • SAULT New England in Portsmouth
  • Club Boutique, also in Portsmouth
  • Lonesome Woods, a lumberjack-themed shop in Littleton
  • Moe-Momentum Clothing in Keene presents shoppers with unique finds as well