You’ll Need The Whole Weekend To Explore All 13,300 Acres Of The Pisgah State Park in New Hampshire

Picture this! You’re in New Hampshire. The week is coming to a close. You’ve got big plans… they just haven’t actually been determined yet. What you do know is that you want to get outside and make the most of nice weather, beautiful surroundings and just being in New Hampshire. If you’ve been in this scenario before, you know how hard it can be to choose your weekend destination. That’s why we’ve got this great option for you. Just be ready for a full weekend. Because you’ll need time to explore all the fun hidden here!

Pisgah State Park is open year-round, but be aware that they close the gates during mud season. While you can still access the park, it’s closed for your safety so know that you’ll be taking a bit of a risk by entering. You can learn more about the park on the official New Hampshire State Parks website. The park has seven hiking trails and you can learn more about exploring the park this way by visiting

We love options, but there’s nothing wrong with a simple walk on just one trail. Take an easy loop trail past some of the prettiest scenery in New Hampshire on the Farm View Hilltop Trail.

Address: 520 Old Chesterfield Rd, Winchester, NH 03470, USA