The Stories Behind These Unsolved Murders and Disappearances Along One Nevada Highway Are Truly Sinister

Stretching from San Francisco, California, to Teaneck, New Jersey, is Interstate 80, or, more simply, I-80. This critical transcontinental artery traverses through the northern part of Nevada where some of the most unforgiving and lifeless areas in the entire country are. There are times people could travel along this road and see nothing save for desert and tumbleweeds. As a result, this part of I-80 has earned the sad nickname “The Big Lonely.” Tragically, however, there has been a string of unsolved murders and disappearances along this Nevada highway which lead some to wonder whether a sinister serial killer—or killers—is the culprit.

Because of the large number of disappearances and deaths, the FBI has created a task force dedicated to investigating I-80 cases.

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