The Sinister Story Behind This Popular Nevada Lake Will Give You Chills

Nevada is chock-full of haunted and mysterious locations, particularly in and around Goldfield, Virginia City, and even Las Vegas. However, not all haunted locations have to be within or near buildings. In some cases, even the most beautiful area can have a creepy and sinister history. Such is the case with this unique lake. Located in southeastern Washoe County within the Truckee River Basin, Pyramid Lake is a mere 40 miles from Reno — and it’s absolutely spectacular. But don’t let this lake’s beauty and grandeur fool you, for despite its splendor; this unique lake in Nevada is home to several sinister and paranormal legends. Read on.

Fishing, camping, and boating are allowed on Pyramid Lake; however, remember that since it sits on Native American land, permits are required. And you may want to visit in a season other than spring. Just in case. You know, Water Babies and all.

Pyramid Lake is a unique lake in Nevada, but it’s absolutely haunting. Have you seen the splendors of Pyramid Lake up close and personal? Did you notice any strange phenomena or happen to hear the sinister and disembodied cries or laughs of the dreaded Water Babies? Please share your experiences below.

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Address: Pyramid Lake, Nevada 89510, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Unique Lake In Nevada

March 08, 2021

Where are some other creepy places in Nevada?

Nevada is a beautiful state to live but it’s definitely got its dark side. It’s known for its ghost towns, haunted places, spooky old cemeteries, and a rough history during the “Wild West” days. These 11 creepy places in Nevada are sure to give you chills, like this clown-themed hotel in Tonopah. Nothing freaks people out more than the scariest creature of all - clowns. For the truly coulrophobic, this motel is horrifying. If an all-out clown theme wasn't enough, it's directly next door to an old cemetery full of early Tonopah residents who died from a plague. The motel has even been featured on the show "Ghost Adventures" and an independent horror movie. El Dorodo Pet Cemetery is another place in Nevada that's high in the creepy factor; this little cemetery can be found near Boulder City. The cemetery is home to the graves of at least 60 pets, though there's a rumor going around that several victims of the mob are buried here. Another ghost that reportedly has been seen is that of a white cat who follows visitors around. It's largely regarded as the most haunted pet cemetery on earth. So, visit with caution!

What are some other unique places in Nevada?

Pyramid Lake is definitely the most unique lake in Nevada, but the state is full of truly one-of-a-kind places and attractions. Nevada is a very interesting state, and there are a variety of things that can be found here -- and not anywhere else. Fly Geyser is one of them. When you stumble upon Fly Geyser, you might think you've landed on another planet. This otherworldly geothermal feature will leave you in awe at the wonder of Mother Nature. And you may not be aware of this, but Nevada is a state that's known for odd art exhibitions! Visit the Goldwell Open Air Museum to see some of the most notable ones for yourself, including a life-size version of "The Last Supper" by Leonardo Da Vinci. The sight of these stark white cloaks in the middle of the desert is oddly unsettling.

What's the most beautiful lake in Nevada?

While Nevada is home to myriad stunning lakes, the most objectively beautiful would have to be Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe was actually named the most beautiful place in Nevada by Condé Nast Traveler, for its pristine blue waters and mesmerizing surroundings. Lake Tahoe attracts a whopping 2.7 million visitors a year, and it's understandable because this Nevada gem (okay, we share it with California) is truly spectacular.