You’ll Want To Visit This Mouth Watering Candy Shop In The Middle Of Nowhere In Nevada

Picture this: You’re driving along U.S. 95 through the hot desert sun in the middle of nowhere, Nevada. You’ve tired of counting the cacti and sagebrush, but you don’t want to doze off the wheel, so you start thinking about things that make you happy, like the ocean, or rainstorms…or candy!

That’s when you realize you could sure go for a bag of gummy bears and chocolate fudge, maybe even a $5 footlong. Of course, there’s nothing out here except wild burros and Joshua trees. A Nevada candy store, let alone a sandwich shop, isn’t in the cards.

Suddenly, in the distance, you spot a building that looks part castle, part Italian villa. Is it real, or simply a mirage?

Death Valley Nut & Candy Co. is located at 900 E. Hwy 95 N, Beatty. Check out this Nevada candy store in the middle of nowhere on your way to or from Death Valley, or any other time you might be passing through Beatty on U.S. 95.