One Of The Deadliest Accidents In U.S. History Happened Right Here In Nevada

If you lived in Nevada during the 80s, it’s more than likely you remember one of the deadliest days in our state’s history. Nevada is a wonderful state to live in, but some tragic things have happened here, including one of the biggest hotel fires our country has ever seen. Claiming the lives of 85 people, this tragedy shook the entire state to its core. The hotel fire would ultimately have a huge impact on the city of Las Vegas for years to come, and it still hasn’t been completely forgotten. In fact, this fateful day will stick in our memory forever.

Do you remember this incredibly tragic hotel fire? This was an awful day in Nevada history, but we became stronger because of it. Our state has unfortunately fallen victim to many disasters, many of them are featured on this list of the 16 Most Horrifying Disasters In Nevada’s History.