Few People Know There’s A Sovereign Country Hidden Along The Carson River In Nevada

Nevada is a vast state that is known for its rich mining history and wild west footprint. However, did you know that within the state borders lies a completely sovereign country? You heard right! It is known as the Republic of Molossia (also called Molossia) and has everything you’d expect a nation to have! Let’s take a closer look at this fascinating country that also calls Nevada home.

The idea to give rise to a nation within the United States stemmed from the imaginations of two teenagers in the 1970s. It’s amazing that their dream became a reality right here in Nevada! The Republic of Molossia is an incredibly fun and unique addition to the wonderful attractions in the state, and one can only hope the nation continues to prosper for many more years to come.

Address: Republic of Molossia, 226 Mary Ln, Dayton, NV 89403, USA