Most People Have No Idea You Can Do This One Awesome Activity In Nevada

Who says playgrounds are just for kids? Those who believe this aren’t familiar with Dig This – America’s first heavy equipment playground where adults can operate bulldozers and excavators in a giant 5-acre sandbox.

Dig This, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the perfect activity for big kids at heart. The bulldozer will allow you to do things such as dig trenches, ride over mounds and push huge boulders, and excavators will allow you to lift 2,000-pound tires and stack them into a pyramid.

You’ll be given a hard hat, vest and radio upon completing the safety and equipment orientation. After entering the equipment, if the switches and gears intimidate you, don’t worry. An experienced instructor will be nearby and explain via radio step by step how to operate the equipment.

At the end of your adventure, you’ll be awarded a certificate. And if you’re interested in bringing a little something extra home, Dig This sells a variety of items, including shirts, hats, toy bulldozers/excavators and even dirt-scented candles. That’s right. Dirt-scented candles!

For an up-close look at this unique attraction, check out the video below.

Dig This
3012 S. Rancho Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89102

For additional information about Dig This, including hours and cost, check out their website.

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