No Nebraskan Will Ever Forget The One Winter That Never Seemed To End

Nebraska winters are often pretty rough. Between the cold temperatures, the heavy snow, and the punishing winds, we’ve pretty much seen it all as residents. But no Nebraska winter has ever compared to the one in 1948-49. It was the winter that seemed to go on forever. The temperatures and conditions were treacherous, making it the coldest winter in Nebraska at the time. Do you remember the winter in Nebraska that felt like it was seemingly neverending?

Nebraska did, of course, eventually recover. But the winter of 1948-49 is still remembered as the worst in the state.

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Coldest Winter In Nebraska

November 15, 2021

What was the biggest snowfall in Nebraska?

Everyone from the state knows that winter in Nebraska can be quite tumultuous. Residents in Nebraska have certainly seen their fair share of bad weather, especially when it comes to winter storms and freezing temperatures. In fact, the worst storm, one that brought record-breaking snowfall hit back in 1932 when a snowstorm hit Omaha with 10.6 inches of snow. This was the most ever recorded on a January day in history at the time. But that wasn’t even the worst of it. Here are a few other crazy winter storms that hit Nebraska over the years.

How much snowfall does Nebraska get each year?

The United States averages about 28 inches of snowfall per year, and Nebraska is actually right on par with that average. In fact, Nebraska also averages 28 inches of snow every year, but that doesn’t really affect the 223 sunny days each year that Nebraska gets. According to the records, the snowiest month in Nebraska is in February, which is usually when the most snow ends up falling for the season.

Is Nebraska a good place to visit in the winter?

Nebraska winter temperatures are no joke. The winters are harsh, cold, and snowy. The average daytime highs are barely above 30 degrees from December to February, and at night, you can expect to see freezing temperatures. Blizzards are quite common throughout the winter in Nebraska, so visiting during this time might not be the most rewarding. However, there are still places in Nebraska worth visiting during the season that offer up a unique perspective of the state. Take a look at these 10 awesome spots in Nebraska worth checking out during winter.