This Creepy Tale Of A Vampire In Nebraska Is Sure To Give You Nightmares

Tales of vampires are most typically associated with Europe – the legend of Dracula was born in Romania, after all. We would certainly never expect vampires to inhabit our home in the middle of America, but one story from the late 19th century suggests that at least one vampire felt at home on the range.

Many speculated that the assailant was not a vampire or a man-like beast (perhaps Bigfoot?), but a madman. Despite the numerous sightings in December 1895, the “vampire” was never captured. It seems that the reports stopped after that and the story faded into Nebraska history. Nebraska State Historical Society Assistant Curator Dale Bacon recounted the story on the NSHS’s blog – read it here.

What do you think of this strange monster story? Could the attacks really have been by a vampire, or were they the work of a regular man gone mad? Or was the story perhaps the product of a newsman’s active imagination?

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