Nebraska is a state made up of just a few cities…and what seems like a thousand small towns. While everyone seems to have a different definition of “small” when it comes to population, we can all agree that the smallest towns in Nebraska have definitely earned that description. In these places, it would be virtually impossible not to know the names of everyone in town. (Note that, while there are lots of unincorporated communities with smaller populations in Nebraska, this list includes only officially designated towns and villages.)

Most of these towns used to have far more residents; for one reason or another, the populations shrank over time. But in true state spirit, the residents who remain are unflinchingly loyal to the smallest towns in Nebraska and wouldn’t live anywhere else.

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Exploring Nebraska

What are the best things about living in Nebraska?

While you may not hear a lot about the Cornhusker state in popular media, it is a lovely place to visit and an even lovelier place to make a home. Some of the best things about living in Nebraska include our consistently friendly people, our natural beauty (we have a river, massive bluffs, as well as the chance to witness a yearly crane migration,) and our state pride. Nebraska is so much more than corn and our citizens are what makes it special. From strange art installations like a Stonehenge made of cars, to a robust football culture, and a world-renowned zoo, every type of person will find something to love about Nebraska.

Does Nebraska have any natural wonders? 

There are a ton of natural wonders in Nebraska! You can check out a massive natural rock formation known as Chimney Rock, which is quite the site to both admire and learn about. This huge rounded rock, topped perfectly with a chimney-shaped formation, is actually on the National Register of Historic sites — that's how important it is! You will also be amazed by a visit to the Nebraska sandhills. A trip to see these unique rolling sand dunes will make you feel as though you've stepped into a breathtaking landscape painting of a desert.

What underrated places in Nebraska should I visit? 

If you are looking for underrated places in Nebraska to visit, we have a few recommendations. We love an underrated spot because they are usually guaranteed to be peaceful and relatively low on tourists while still providing a lot of bang for your buck (or being free!) Snake River Falls is a great choice if you want to see some natural beauty. The hike is quite challenging which is why it's quieter, but the work is well worth it for the views. Another great stop is the sculpture garden in Oconto, where you can take in some fresh air while admiring curious and beautiful pieces of art.