Here’s What 10 of Nebraska’s Most Iconic Landmarks Look Like From Above

When you live in a state as beautiful as Nebraska, you might eventually start to take the place for granted. After all, we’ve stared at Nebraska’s treasures – both in person and in pictures – for so long that we know every last detail of every landmark…right? Well, maybe not. How often do we get to see Nebraska’s best features from above?

9. Carhenge, Alliance

Nebraskans have a love/hate relationship with this super-recognizable landmark, but even the haters have to admit that it looks pretty impressive from above.

10. The Sandhills

The Sandhills region covers more than one-fourth of Nebraska’s total area, yet many people are unaware of how truly special it is. These sweeping views may have you falling in love with the uniquely lovely region.

BONUS: NE Game and Parks From The Air

This video shows off tons of Nebraska’s most awesome natural and manmade treasures from the air, including some breathtaking views of western Nebraska’s geological formations. It’s definitely worth a view!

Did any of these look particularly surprising to you from a different point of view? Some of these spots are also on our list of the 7 Natural and Man-Made Wonders of Nebraska – is your favorite represented?

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