It’s Impossible To Forget These 5 Horrific Winter Storms That Have Gone Down In Nebraska History

Winter in Nebraska can be a harsh time. We certainly see our fair share of bad weather…maybe more than our share, in fact. But a few years have brought winter storms in Nebraska that we can never forget. These storms caused destruction and death, and left a lasting mark on the Cornhusker State.

How many of these incredible winter storms in Nebraska have you lived through? When do you think we’ll see another history-making winter storm? Share your memories and predictions in the comments!

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Winter In Nebraska

October 01, 2021

What are some of the levels of record snowfall in Nebraska?

The average seasonal snowfall in Nebraska is around 29 inches. We normally get around 8 days with at least 1 inch of snow, and 3 days with more than 3 inches of snow. The record daily snowfall was 17.8 inches in March of 2006. In February 1915, we got an amazing 29.7 inches of snow during the month, a monthly record. We’ve never had recorded snow in June, July, or August, but every other month has been fair game at some point in history.

What is winter in Nebraska like?

Well, first off, it’s pretty darn cold. We are prone to winter storms in Nebraska. The prairie is pretty unforgiving when it comes to winter winds. But if you can get past the frigid temperatures, it’s quite beautiful. We love the pristine snow on our gorgeous landscapes. We’ve got so many great winter activities in Nebraska. You don’t have to bundle up inside just because it’s cold! Check out this list for some tips and tricks on how to survive a winter in Nebraska. Don’t panic, and be prepared!

What are some natural disasters in Nebraska?

In 1874, a plague of biblical proportions wreaked havoc across the state. Rocky Mountain locusts descended on the Cornhusker State and didn’t let up. People actually died of starvation because the grasshoppers were consuming everything in their path! Some even took to eating the insects. For more horrifying disasters in Nebraska, check out this list.

Address: Nebraska, USA