Living in an agricultural state, we get to see the crops rising in the spring and summer, and then the bare fields in the fall and winter. But unless you live or work on a farm, you probably don’t get to see what happens between the two. Micah Reinke of Davenport, NE used a GoPro mounted on various pieces of farm equipment to record the 2015 corn and soybean harvest in vivid detail. If you’ve never seen this process before (or really, even if you have), it’s weirdly mesmerizing. (If you’re not a country music fan, you might want to turn off your speakers.)

I could watch the part with the corn trickling down over and over. What did you think of this unique view of the fall harvest? Does it remind you of childhood days on the farm – or maybe a regular fall day at work? If you liked this video, please be sure to hit “Share” below to spread the Nebraska love!

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