These 18 Restaurants Serve The Best Reubens In Nebraska

We all know that the Reuben was invented in Nebraska. That salty, tangy, cheesy, kind of greasy sandwich with just a hint of sweetness is total heaven between two pieces of bread. And because the Reuben is a Nebraska invention, our restaurants know how to make it right.

Recently, USA Today’s 10 Best named the Top 10 Reubens in Nebraska. Their picks were right on, and the winners deserve the accolades. The only problem is that every one of the winners is in Omaha or Lincoln. So we’re giving you the winners of the top 10 along with some other alternatives that you can find outside of the two state’s two largest cities.

The restaurants are presented here in alphabetical order, not in any type of ranking.

Well, it looks like you’ve got a lot of Reubens to get out there and try, huh? It seems like dang near every restaurant in Nebraska has a Reuben on its menu, so they can’t possibly all fit on one list. You can let everyone know about your personal favorite in the comments, and then we’ll all eat delicious Reubens until we pass out in pleasant corned-beef-and-Swiss-cheese food comas.

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