What’s Left of This Abandoned Ski Resort in Nebraska is Totally Captivating

In northeast Nebraska, the ghost of a grand dream sits silent and empty. Devils Nest, an area so named for the outlaws who hid there in the 1800s, sits at the banks of the Lewis and Clark River. In the 1960s, a group of developers decided that this unique location would be the perfect place for an upscale ski resort and recreation area.

(Special thanks to GhostsofNorthAmerica.com for allowing us to use their photographs of Devils Nest!)

Although the abandoned Devils Nest ski resort is an undeniably fascinating place, it is private property and no trespassing is allowed. Please do not enter the property without the owners’ permission.

Did you ever visit Devils Nest when it was in operation? What do you remember about the experience? Tell us your stories in the comments!