How do these crazy laws get on the books? More importantly, how do they stay there? Every state has a few bizarre “rules” that will most likely never need to be enforced, and Montana is no exception. Most of these laws are so outdated, our local lawmakers probably aren’t even aware of their existence! These weird laws in Montana are here to stay…for some reason. 

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Weird Laws in Montana

What are some strange things about Montana? 

Montana is a beautiful state with plenty to see and admire, as well as ridiculously beautiful scenery. But, did you know that Montana is kind of a strange place, too? It’s true! It’s not hard to find plenty of examples as to why it’s a little weird there, and we’ve gathered a few of our favorites for this handy-dandy paragraph. For example, did you know that a “huckleberry” is a real thing, and they grow in Montana? Now you do. It’s also home to the world’s “shortest river”, which is nothing short of weirdly wonderful. It’s also home to way, way too many alleged UFO sightings for our comfort levels. Need some more strange things about Montana in the form of weird things that have occurred here? Check out this article about eight incredibly bizarre events!  

What kind of fun facts about Montana are there? 

Just about as many as anywhere else, of course! Some of our favorite fun facts about Montana include things such as: its name comes from the Spanish term for “mountainous”, and 30 percent of the total acreage of the state are dedicated to public lands (and stunningly beautiful public lands, at that). It’s the only state in the union with a “triple divide”, which allows water to flow three ways: to Hudson Bay, to the Atlantic Ocean, and finally, to the Pacific Ocean. Pretty amazing, right? We think so! Did you know Montana had its very own gold rush back in the day? It totally did. Oh, and Montana is the home of the largest single snowflake to ever fall, measuring in at a considerable 15 inches wide!  

What are some weird illegal things in Montana?  

Much like other states in the USA, some laws on the books in the great state of Montana are, simply put, head-scratchers. Why is it illegal to pretend to abuse an animal in front of a minor child? We don’t know, but... okay. It’s also a crime – a misdemeanor – to show movies that depict acts of felonious crimes. So, like, would that make it a crime to watch a movie about how it’s illegal to watch crime movies? We need answers, Montana. Also, nobody is allowed to raise rats as pets. We don’t know why on that one, either, but you’ll never take our adorable fuzzy friends away from us. And, probably most humorous of all, it’s illegal to “worry the squirrels”, and we kind of want to know why that had to become a law to begin with.  

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