There’s Nothing Better Than Montana’s Natural Lazy River On A Summer’s Day

The movie A River Runs Through It was filmed in Montana, and the title is a pretty accurate description of the Treasure State. With almost 100 rivers flowing through our great state (including the world’s shortest, the Roe), it’s safe to say we live in a mecca for those who love a good float.

But where might you find the best lazy river in Montana to kick back and relax in an inner tube? The answer might surprise you. Some of the best river floating in the state isn’t found on the Missouri or the Yellowstone, but on the Jefferson River.

Will you be floating the Jefferson River this summer for some tubing in Montana? If not, check out this list for some other great river floats.

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Best Lazy River In Montana

June 22, 2019

Where are the best places to go tubing in Montana?

With so many rivers to pick from, it’s safe to say you can choose your own adventure when it comes to going tubing in Montana. From a slow, lazy float to a more exhilarating ride, the adventure you’ll have will depend on the river (and which part of the river) you enjoy. Aside from the Jefferson River, many Montanans enjoy floating the Clark Fork River, the Madison River, the Gallatin River between Big Sky and Bozeman, and the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument.

Can I bring my own tube to go tubing in Montana?

You’re more than welcome to bring your own tube when you’re going floating with your own group. If you book a guided float tour, the rules will vary. Some companies may want you to use a rental tube for liability reasons, while others won’t mind if you have your own. Just make sure your tube of choice is safe… and when in doubt, you can always rent one.

When does tubing season end in Montana?

While there’s no official tubing season in the Treasure State, the weather typically only allows for a comfortable float in the summer. Guided tours are typically available from June – September.