Missouri has its fair share of abandoned places, but something about an abandoned school makes it even creepier. The Carr School in St. Louis once was full of students, but not its only visitors are small street animals and vandals. Let’s take a closer look at this abandoned school in St. Louis.


The Carr School in Missouri is located at N. 15th and Carr, right across the street from Carr Square Tenet Management at 1521 Carr Drive in St. Louis, Missouri. If you liked this St. Louis abandoned school, you’ll have to take this road trip to other abandoned places in Missouri. Just make sure to check out our road trip packing guide first so you have everything you may need.

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The Creepiest Places in Missouri

What are the most haunted hotels in Missouri?

The most haunted hotels in Missouri include:

  • Hotel Bothwell in Sedalia. This Jazz-era hotel has many reported ghost sightings with people hearing voices and feeling scratches on the back of their necks. The crank elevator is said to operate on its own.
  • The Elms Hotel in Excelsior Springs. Built in 1912, this hotel has a pool where a basement used to be, and many claim to see ghosts there, including that of a man who was killed by the mob and a woman frantically looking for her child.
  • Hotel Savoy in Kanas City. This hotel was built in 1888 and guests of Room 505 report that a ghost named Betsy Ward haunts this place. People also believe the ghost of a restaurant manager who was stabbed to death by dishwashers haunts this place. 
  • Drury Inn & Suites in Creve Coeur. The fifth floor of this hotel is said to be haunted by footsteps, voices, and ghastly figures that walk the halls and, once you get closer, they vanish.

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What are the most abandoned places in Missouri?

The most abandoned places in Missouri include:

  • Lemp Brewery in St. Louis. This place has been around since 1940 and the underground area is said to be terrifying.
  • Old St. Mary’s Hospital in Ironton. This hospital opened in 1926 and closed down in 1975 and is now crumbling and people hear strange noises there.
  • Railroad Building in Irondale. This railroad depot opened in 1886 and is now becoming overgrown as are the abandoned train tracks.
  • Celebration City. Two attempts have been made to run an amusement park here but both failed and the rides sit unused.

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What are the creepiest ghost towns in Missouri?

The creepiest ghost towns in Missouri include:

  • Mineola. This town was founded in 1879 and was a roadside stop until Highway 40 was built and everything here dried up.
  • Goldman. This tiny abandoned town had a thriving blacksmith from 1878 until 1946 but is now a collection of empty buildings.
  • Hematite. This town was founded in 1861 and was an iron mining town. Later, a hematite fuel-cycle facility was built here but has since shut down.
  • Oscar. This is an Amish farming area that, for a while, had a massive store that drew people from all over the area.

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