This 3-Story Bookstore In Missouri, Prospero’s Books & Media, Is A Book Lover’s Dream

We all have our favorite ways to relax. Some of us to prefer to nap on the couch or curl up to binge watch our favorite shows. Others find solace in heading out into nature, hiking on one of the countless scenic trails in Missouri. Then, there are those of us who find comfort and relaxation among the shelves of a bookstore, like this three-story bookstore in Missouri that’s like something from a dream. After visiting Prospero’s Books & Media, you may agree that it’s the best bookstore in Missouri.

Have you ever been to what many consider to be the best bookstore in Missouri? Tell us what you like about it in the comments!

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Address: Prospero's Books, 1800 W 39th St, Kansas City, MO 64111, USA
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best Bookstore In Missouri

January 17, 2020

What is the largest bookstore in Missouri?

The largest bookstore in Missouri is known as The Book House, and it can be found in the town of Maplewood. With more than 350,000 books in its inventory, there’s everything from new, used, rare and collectible books available for purchase. Part of the proceeds from The Book House goes to the local Foster and Adoptive Care Association and Second Chapter Life Center. The local community is also very active, and the store hosts NaNoWriMo events to help locals write their books.

What is the best used bookstore in Missouri?

There are quite a few fantastic bookstores in Missouri, from St. Louis to the east to Kansas City and the capitol of Jefferson City. Prospero’s Books is always a winner, as is The Book Rack in Ballwin and R. Dunaway Booksellers in St. Louis. Columbia Books in Columbia sells used books, as does Well Read Books in Fulton and Farmington’s Aesop’s Treasure Books and Games.

Are there any other independent bookstores in Missouri?

Missouri is full of independent bookstores. Although there is no exact number, every large metropolitan area tends to have a used bookstore, as well as large towns and the tiniest of incorporations. The midwest tends to host a huge number of readers, and the state of Missouri doesn’t skimp when it comes to providing the masses with new novels.

Address: Prospero's Books, 1800 W 39th St, Kansas City, MO 64111, USA