The Mysterious Missouri Road You Absolutely Must Drive At Least Once

Missouri’s certainly not lacking when it comes to urban legends – from the Missouri Monster (Momo) to the Spook Light. We’ve also got our fair share of mysterious roads, some that are even said to be haunted. If you drive down this one mysterious Missouri road, for example, you may experience a strange phenomenon. Some say it’s just an optical illusion while others claim it’s the work of the paranormal. You’ll really have to decide for yourself.

One Missourian made his way to gravity hill and filmed what happened. Take a peek at the video below. It just might help you decide whether a drive to this mysterious Missouri road is worth your time.


Have you been on this mysterious Missouri road? Did your car roll “uphill?” Share your experience in the comments! Then take a peek at these five urban legends in Missouri that just might keep you awake at night.

Address: Freeman, MO 64746, USA