This Historic Park Is One Of Missouri’s Best Kept Secrets

Many people are surprised to learn that the most famous Civil War general and the nation’s 18th president called Missouri home. While Harry S. Truman is the only U.S. president that was born and raised in Missouri, Ulysses S. Grant also had strong ties to the Show Me State.

Grant’s first military assignment brought him to Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis in 1843. Grant met his wife, Julia Dent, in St. Louis and they became engaged in 1844. They married in St. Louis in 1848, and with a wife to support Grant decided to remain in the Army even though he disliked military life. Before the Civil War, Grant and his family tried to establish themselves as farmers near the Dent family farm. After struggling to make ends meet, the Grant’s moved into the Dent’s home, White Haven and stayed from 1854 until 1859. The estate is now a historic landmark and is maintained by the National Park Service.

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