The Largest Record Store In Missouri Has More Than 100,000 Records

Remember the good old days of going to the record store to pick up the latest from your favorite musician or band? Technology, of course, has evolved over the years. It’s probably fair to say that today most people stream their music, but the old-school way of listening to music — on records — is making a comeback. Whether you’re in the mood for a rush of nostalgia or you want to find something to add to your record collection, you’ll definitely want to visit this record store in Missouri.

Have you been to this record store in Missouri? If not, will you visit, even if just for old time’s sake? Let us know in the comments! Did you know that the largest independent bookstore in Missouri houses more than 350,000 titles? Plan a visit to The Book House in Maplewood to check it out for yourself.

Address: 19 N Gore Ave, St. Louis, MO 63119, USA